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I'm wondering how many members of the UTA board have ever had to depend on public transit for any substantial length of time. How many of them currently take public transit to work at least four days a week? How many of them will take the light rail to work at least four days a week? I'm guessing they have free parking and consider themselves above their own call to decrease the use of automobiles.

I have had occasion to make use of mass transit in areas like Chicago and Washington, D.C., as a tourist. I have also, over the past four years while attending school in Boston, had to rely on mass transit as my only means of transportation. I'm not likely to give up again the freedom my car affords me.There is a huge difference between "inspecting" mass transit for a few days and having to live with and count on it day in and day out year-round. How many members of the UTA board have had this kind of experience? Why don't I see more (any?) of the bureaucrats and politicians who tell us mass transit is so great making use of it themselves? My time and freedom are every bit as valuable to me as theirs are to them.

I've seen what street-level trains do to busy roads. It's a shame federal money with its attached strings has more influence in this state than common sense and the will of the tax-paying public whose hard-earned dollars are ultimately, whether seized through state or federal taxation, going to pay for this boon-doggle.

Charles Hardy

Salt Lake City