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Every Sunday I sit down and read your newspaper, well, actually the comics. I sometimes scan the front and read the obituaries, but other than the comics I do not read the newspaper. I have wished many times that there would be a page just for me.

Every newspaper has sports, business, homes, arts and many more sections. Where is the student section? I highly recommend that you add a new section for students. Something we will be excited to learn about and read. Some examples would be to write an article on a student, have facts about schools in Utah, have short quizzes of interest and maybe include a horoscope.Sometimes the comics do not cut it, and I hunger for more interesting news. Adding a student section surely saves several souls who sit like a potato doing squat on the couch. I feel people my age will be more interested in the paper if we teach knowledgeable yet interesting ideas.

I know how important the newspaper is in our society, and I understand all the time you put into it. I would like to thank you for all your hard work in putting out the Deseret News.

Ashley A. Radmall

Salt Lake City