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As a proud conservative, I must respond to Richard Watson's letter printed Oct. 13, "Conservatives need reality check." In a careful step-by-step process, I will answer Richard's complaints slow enough so that his warped view of reality doesn't corrupt what he sees here.

First, telling the truth about liberals is not whining, but by your standards, you are whining.Second, we conservatives are well aware of the fact that we control the Congress for the first time in 40 years, but we do not control the veto. That power is still held by your golden boy Clinton. Your party did fail for 40 years, and that is not rhetoric, it is fact.

Third, how many network anchors do you know who willingly go on the attack with Bill or Al? Remember the Dole interview? Remember the Clinton interview? I'm sorry, but there is a liberal bias in the mainstream media. Failure to acknowledge this fact is the same as denying the fact that you are a liberal.

Fourth, Utah is very conservative, and we conservatives love to hear your views, we just don't like to be lied to. And that's what you liberals love to do, lie. This is how you get your power base. Human nature does not follow your policies, so you have to tell great fibs in order to convince people that you are the only one who knows how to take care of them. Your boy Clinton is the head of your party, and he is the worst offender. You liberals have been trying for so long to remove God from our everyday lives that now very few people seem to care whether or not their president is of high moral character.

It is time to own up to your failed policies and get out of the way already. Face it, your time is through, get out. The human race would prefer to earn its way through history, not have it handed to them as if it were some sort of destiny woven in advance by big labor bosses, organized crime, and the man of the hour (and only the hour), Bill Clinton.

David Williams