The movement to separate religion from the American people has been around for many decades. By the 1960s, the courts began to ban religion from the schools and to remove discipline and restraints along with it, often under the guise of "children's rights." To fill the void, educators have turned to curricula and methods based in psychology, ostensibly to build an ideal world in which everyone is emotionally fulfilled and gainfully employed. The current name for this effort is "outcome-based education" (OBE).

In its pure form, OBE employs psychological and conditioning techniques. The teacher presents the material two or three times, testing after each round; students who master the material early may engage in "enrichment" activities while they wait for the other students to achieve the goal. Group techniques are used to help the children establish their own values, as long as the values are in harmony with global values (as opposed to religious values).Many who grew up during the past few decades see no reason why we should be careful to elect leaders of integrity and character, the obviously flawed rationale being that one's private life doesn't affect one's leadership ability. And, since the intent is to prepare children for a global society, fewer of them are getting a basic appreciation of American history and principles of government.

In 1995, Utah's strategic plan for education was accepted by the U.S. Department of Education. Currently there's still a choice, but you can be certain that if the liberals regain power in Congress, the already-existing plan to nationalize all America's schools will be put into place, and we will have no more options in education.

Ruth Lehenbauer