There are many people in this country who have yet to make up their minds about how they will vote in the upcoming elections. They are the same poor souls who can't decide whether to have Wheaties or corn flakes for breakfast.

Mugsy Moke is one of them. He came running to me and said, "I'm going to vote for Bob Dole.""How so?"

"He has just revealed that Clinton is a liberal."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Clinton is not just a liberal - he's a liberal's liberal. I can live with a one-liberal president, but not one who is a two-time liberal loser."

"Well, I suppose you have a point."

"Bob Dole has taken off the gloves, and he is no longer the Mr. Nice Guy from the Senate that we have come to know. He's demanding that Clinton give us the skinny on his political contributions. When I heard Dole reveal that Clinton had taken money from foreign sources and Dole said, `Come clean, Mr. President, come clean,' I said to myself, Dole is no longer mumbling, he's spewing vinegar. This is the man we want to beat up on the nation's schoolteachers."

Mugsy added, "If Dole had taken the low road in the beginning, he would be leading in the polls by now. I may not understand the budget, but I like sleaze when I see it."

"Then you're the type of voter who can't make up his mind until the candidates start slinging mud."

"Not necessarily, but I don't like to watch a debate if one side or the other doesn't kick someone in the teeth. I would have come out for Dole a lot earlier if he had picked up his wooden podium and thrown it at Clinton."

"I know you prefer playing hardball, but many people don't like the candidates who wallow around on the low road."

"They're not the voters who listen to Rush Limbaugh."

I didn't see Mugsy for several days. When I did, he said that he was undecided again. "Dole isn't as dirty as I hoped he would be. He's complaining about foreign donations being made to the Democrats, but I don't consider that hitting someone in the groin. If Bob wants my vote, he's going to have to demand a debate between Hillary Clinton and Liddy Dole to discuss their husbands' eating habits."