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Photokina - the World's Fair of Photography - is on display every two years in Cologne, Germany. This international photo show is the largest in the world - 13 halls, each the size of a football field, are needed to house all the exhibitors' displays.

This year's show followed the tradition of being the venue for introducing new and exciting products, each designed to make picture-taking easier and more fun for consumers. Of particular interest were the new Advanced Photo System (APS) cameras and film, which join the expanding lineup of products for this system that was introduced eight months ago.- Kodak Advantixchrome 100. One of the benefits of APS is "information exchange," or "IX." Briefly, here is how it works. When a picture is taken with an APS camera with an "IX" capability, specific exposure information is recorded directly on the film's magnetic coating. This data is then commmunicated, via the film, to the photofinishing equipment. The result is a very high percentage of properly exposed pictures with accurate color.

The new Advantixchrome 100 slide film incorporates this technology, so slide film shooters can now take advantage of the "IX" benefit, as well as the other APS benefits; drop-in film loading and the choice of three picture formats (horizontal, standard and panorama) on the same roll of film. Previously, only APS color print films were available.

- Nikon Pronea 6i. This new Nikon SLR offers "IX" plus a host of features attractive to advanced amateur photographers, including the capability to accept accessory lenses, auto and manual focusing, natural light automatic bracketing and flash automatic bracketing. Nikon also has introduced three autofocus zoom lenses for the Pronea: 24-70 mm, 60-180 mm and 20-60 mm.

- Olympus Centurian. Olympus' first entry into the APS arena features a built-in 20-100 mm zoom lens and a built-in flash. For easy shooting, four picture modes are available: Stop Action for sports, Portrait for people pictures, Night Scene for taking pictures after dark, and Landscape for photographing beautiful outdoor settings. Four flash modes are available: Auto, Auto-Slow (for nighttime shooting), Fill-in (for daylight flash photography), Off (forced) and Red-eye Reduction.

- Yashica Acclaim Zoom 300. With a 3X zoom (33 mm-100 mm), this new APS camera is designed as an all-in-one camera for picture-takers who like to travel light. Features include: automatic focusing with a focus assist beam for low light and low contrast picture-taking, daylight fill-in flash and a built-in function that allows users to choose from nine different titles.