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Those who do not believe that history repeats itself should definitely read this letter. In this, Utah's centennial year, I have watched and read much on the settling of the American West - how the United States government sent people West with the purpose of killing the economic base of the Native American people, that base being the bison.

Those who resisted the government were mowed down with repeater rifles. The remnant that somehow survived were herded onto reservations with their dignity and spirits shattered.Now, in Utah, we see the some thing happening. The federal government, under the guise of purity on the environmental level, has again bloodied its hands. Our bureaucrats have killed the economic base of southern Utah, first with the shutting down of the sawmills and ranching and now with the issue of the coal-lease lands.

Now, instead of sending in the mounted cavalry with repeater rifles, if one were to go against the extremist trend, they would be fighting court battles and government officials equipped with M-16s. The only way the people of southern Utah can survive is to move. Then the extremists will have their wish and turn all of Utah into a national park.

In the October 1996 issue of National Geographic is a map indicating the federal lands in the United States. Only a small part of Utah is private property. The rest is owned by the federal government. These lands should be controlled at the state level, not the national level - states' rights.

Through the years of listening to extremist environmental rhetoric, I really thought that the moral majority would stand up and be counted. Now I know that it really doesn't matter what the people of this country want. Tyranny will prevail. We will be jacked around by the noisy few who belong to extremist groups.

LaDawn Sorensen