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Recent events in Palestine have received great publicity in all of the news sources. There have been claims and counter-claims and opinions about who is to blame for the violence resulting in many deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The Palestinians blame the Israelis and the Israelis blame the Palestinians, and wiser heads blame both sides. But I haven't heard anyone blame the United States, where much of the blame is to be found.For years we have poured billions of our taxpayers' money into supporting the Israelis for less than valid reasons; the main one being that our politicians receive money to be elected from Israeli PACs, whose main interest is to obtain more money for Israel's expansion at the expense of the Palestinians. No wonder that the Palestinians have a deep-seated resentment boiling within them to the point of explosion against the Israelis as well as the United States.

Congress and the present administration know this. If they really wanted to do something effective about restoring the peace process in Palestine, and if they had the moral courage to act, they would immediately withhold the billions they are about to give Israel until Israel actually returns land for peace as both the two former prime ministers, Rabin and Peres, were planning to do.

Netanyahu has prevented this happening, and he is the one who pulled the trigger for today's violence, which has its roots in the tainted aid to Israel that was used to take land and water and freedom from the Palestinians.

The present situation is a most opportune time for the United States to declare: "No more billions to Israel until Israel actually gives land and water and freedom back to the Palestinians and the Lebanese and the Syrians."

Arthur B. Erekson