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Federal officials in south-central Utah have outlined programs that vary from providing water for wildlife to a timber sale and designating a communications site.

Often referred to as guzzlers, five watering facilities have been installed in the Warm Spring Resource Area of the Richfield District Bureau of Land Management. The objective is to more evenly distribute and increase the numbers of wildlife in the area.Officials said the guzzlers were installed after wildlife populations and needs in the area were determined by biologists. They were located where water was lacking and were placed about one mile apart.

A decision has been reached by Fishlake National Forest Supervisor Rob Mrowka to designate a high-frequency communications site on federal lands in the Fillmore Ranger District and for a salvage timber sale in the Beaver District.

Up to 21 acres have been allocated for the communications site, about seven miles southeast of Meadow, Millard County. Mrowka said specific shape, boundaries and area of the site will be determined, based on future communications needs.

The decision is subject to appeal to the regional forester in Ogden. A section of the Fishlake National Forest's Land and Resource Management Plan was amended in relation to the action.

The timber sale is planned on 53 acres in the upper portion of the South Fork of City Creek, south of Big Flat and west of the town of Circleville, Piute County. It includes Englemann spruce, aspen and sub-alpine fir.

One trip to the area has been conducted for some prospective bidders and others should examine the area before winter weather prevents ground observation, Mrowka said. Advertisement of the sale for bidding is planned in the spring.

More information may be obtained by calling the Ranger District office in Beaver.