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I am writing this letter to register a complaint against the University of Utah and its policy regarding any student attending the university being required to have health insurance in order to register and attend the university. We feel this is totally unconstitutional and unfair to students.

Two weeks ago our son went up to Rice Stadium to attend the U. game. They ran his ID card in order to get tickets and told him that it was invalid because he had no health insurance. He was not only surprised and embarrassed but had to pay for tickets to see the game after having paid a large amount for tuition and books. He is working very hard to put himself through school, as all of our children have.We at this point have had three graduate from the U., one go on and get his master's degree and presently have three others attending the U. now, one attending Westminster, a daughter attending Salt Lake Community College, a daughter attending a beauty school, two sons-in-law attending the U. and two more sons looking forward to going to college. In other words, we have or will have had 11 children graduate from college.

They told my son he could get health insurance through Blue Cross. They also told him and please think about the following: that the University Hospital is in the red due to many people not having health insurance, thus students are required to have health insurance to help this institution get out of the red. The cost is $113 per quarter and is $1,000 deductible. Could there be a little moneymaking deal going on with Blue Cross and the U.?

We feel that government is really taking over and having way too much control, when a young person is willing to work hard and put himself through college with no help from the government or the school and then is refused enrollment if he or she does not have health insurance. Something is very, very wrong here, and this policy adopted by the University of Utah needs to be deleted.

Government leaders and education people all preach, "send your children to school, they need an education," but they are literally making it impossible for many students to get that much-needed education. Why do these institutions continually strive to make it so hard and impossible for young people to make something of their lives? It seems that all they think about is money, not of the individual students and their needs.

Let people be responsible for their own lives, don't keep putting demands on them. We are mature adults and can take care of our own needs. Let us be true Americans and have freedoms, especially the freedom to attend school without having to have health insurance. Let our children get the education they deserve and are willing to work for. Give a student credit for his or her desire to better themselves and become an asset to our country.

The government and education system seems to think all parents should provide a college education for their children. This is so wrong. In our experience with our college children who have worked hard to put themselves through school, only having the benefit of living at home free, they are far the better person and student and adult prepared to face life's challenges.

It is our hope and desire that one of you will look into this matter and delete this very unconstitutional policy. We will be waiting for a response from you. Our son would like to finish his education and in a constitutional way of freedom. Thank you for your time and help.

Sharon Memmott

Salt Lake City