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I'm responding to the article "Do Utahns vote Republican because of religious factors?" I think that is one of the craziest questions asked.

If we don't know that Latter-day Saints vote for Republicans on the whole, then we really aren't very good analysts. The reason that so many Democrats lose in Utah is that they are out of touch with the average voter. Ross Anderson is a prime example of this. He supported gay and lesbian rights. This just doesn't speak to the voter of Utah.Most people in Utah believe the homosexual practice is evil. How do you think a Latter-day Saint voter is going to vote? I don't think it's that hard to figure out.

Another thing that hurts local Democrats is the national party's platform. Many things that are in that platform are offensive to Latter-day Saint voters. That dislike for the national party hurts the local Democrat candidates. Bill Orton was so loved by Bill Clinton that he made a new national monument in his district and basically killed any chance Orton had of keeping his seat in the 2nd District. I believe the monument issue galvanized Republicans in a way that many voted for Chris Cannon instead of Orton.

Until the national Democratic Party takes seriously its candidates in states like Utah, they will not have very much support among the general public. I think that until the Democratic Party changes its views on some of the important issues of the day, Democrats will be doomed to being a second-class party in Utah.

Utah Democrats need to evaluate where they want to be in 20 years. If they continue to espouse gay rights, the feminist movement and many of their other unpopular issues, they will find their party on the trash heap of Utah politics.

John Herbst