Former presidential candidate Bob Dole made a guest appearance on NBC-TV's "Saturday Night Live," joking that he had a new job but that his impersonator on the program was out of work.

"I got a job answering phones down at the Red Cross," Dole told the live studio audience. "My wife pulled some strings."Hello, Red Cross. How may Bob Dole direct your call?"

Elizabeth Dole, who heads the Red Cross, was in the audience, flashing a thumbs up sign.

Dole, a 35-year veteran of Congress, lost his bid to unseat President Clinton in the Nov. 5 election - but not his sense of humor.

Poking fun at comic Norm MacDonald, Dole said it was too bad he wouldn't be able to play the president for the next four years. "If it's any consolation, Norm, the impression isn't that great."

Dole joked about MacDonald's impression of the Kansas Republican, including a skit about Dole's tumble off a campaign podium during the campaign.

But he got the most laughs with a line poking fun at his own use of the third person to refer to himself in campaign stump speeches.

"I don't run around saying Bob Dole does this and Bob Dole does that," Dole said. "That's not something Bob Dole does. That's not something Bob Dole has ever done, or that Bob Dole will ever do."