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The "Star Trek/X-Men" comic book recently hit the stores, and despite the bizarre concept behind this team-up, the story is actually very good.

The one-shot comic book, produced by Marvel Comics and Paramount, sells for $4.95 and is a tribute to the 30th anniversary of "Star Trek."The story has an "alternate universe" angle, allowing the Starship Enterprise and the uncanny, super-powered X-Men mutants to meet in outer space. All of the main characters from the original "Star Trek" series and movies are involved, as are Wolverine, Bishop, Storm, Gambit, the Beast, Cyclops and Phoenix of the X-Men.

The story also includes Gladiator Praetor, the Superman look-alike of the Marvel universe, and shows what damage he can do when he punches a deflector shield.

One highlight of the story is when two Dr. McCoys - Bones and the Beast - meet, with each answering whenever someone calls for McCoy.

Another is when Spock halts an attack by Wolverine, though only temporarily, by using the Vulcan nerve pinch.

The comic also contains an introduction to Marvel's new "Star Trek" comics line, which premiered in October, as well as a pin-up gallery of X-Men and "Star Trek" characters.

Also, if you're excited about the upcoming movie, "Star Trek: First Contact," a comic book version is due out Nov. 27 and will sell for $5.95.

- The first installment of "Whom Gods Destroy," a four-part Superman-Wonder Woman miniseries, has premiered and is also an excellent product.

If you think everything's already been done in the comic books and that things are just being recycled, think again. This book is reminiscent of the recent "Kingdom Come" series. And, although the art work isn't as good, the story is excellent and unlike anything before.

The story centers around Superman coming to Earth in 1938. He doesn't age past his prime, while everyone else - Lois Lane and Lana Lang included - do.

The Man of Steel never got married in this "Elseworld" tale and had to see Metropolis being destroyed by nuclear terrorists. Modern-day Nazis control much of the world.

At $4.95 an issue, it is more costly than regular monthly comics, but many will find it well worth it.

- The original Justice League of America returned with issue No. 1 on Nov. 6 ($1.95). The new JLA features the original members from the 1960s - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, etc.

After more than a decade of DC believing imposter groups would attract readers and produce great stories, it looks like they've finally seen the light.

- Another big Marvel-DC crossover is due out Nov. 27, when the Justice League and the Avengers meet in issue No. 3 of "Access" ($1.95).

- Still another crossover of note happens on Nov. 20, when Superman and the Silver Surfer team up in a $5.95 one-shot story.