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Government action

Davis Energy Recovery

In its Nov. 6 meeting, the Administrative Control Board:

- Reported $1.35 million in revenues for the month of October. There were 10,848 tons of waste incinerated at the burn plant and 9,500 tons of solid waste taken to the landfill. Almost 100 tons of scrap metal were salvaged.

- Reported that all of the old landfill site below 4,700 feet in elevation has now been seeded. Central Davis Junior High School students recently helped plant some 60,000 acorns on the hillside.

- Celebrated the 1,018 consecutive day without a lost-time injury in the district. After surpassing the three-year mark on Oct. 19, the district's new goal is five years.

- Reported the district has a pile of tree limbs some 300 feet long, 150 feet wide and some 50 feet high, which fell as a result of the heavy October snowstorm. The limbs are being chipped into wood clippings.

- Voted to formulate a district policy on annual auditors in order to decide whether to change the company the county contracts with on a yearly or other basis. The district's present auditor has been in place five years.


In its Nov. 5 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing and denied a request to rezone from residential to commercial for the old Mitchell Nursery building, 1.2 acres at 1700 S. Frontage Road.

- Held a public hearing and approved rezoning 34 acres at 670 W. Old Mill Lane from light industrial and agricultural zones to a residential zone.

- Amended the city's telecommunications tower ordinance to reflect the philosophy of wanting fewer towers but allowing taller towers in Kaysville.

- Approved a street capital facilities plan, another step in developing a traffic impact fee for new development in Kaysville.

- Discussed the Kaysville City Library and the possibility of joining the Davis County Library system or developing a joint library agreement with the county. It decided more study is needed.

Davis County Commission

In its Nov. 6 meeting, the Davis Commission:

- Approved a contract for $24,260 to repair the roof of the county Public Works Building in Fruit Heights.

- Approved changes in vehicle registration packets informing owners of 1996 and newer vehicles they will have to go to the county's centralized emissions testing station in Kaysville for emissions and safety tests.

- Approved the appointment of Beth Q. Beck, Bountiful, and Montie R. Keller, Layton, to four-year terms on the county health board.

- Approved increasing the county's earthquake and disaster insurance to $2.25 million total coverage. The county can purchase an additional $1 million in coverage for $6,000 through its insurer, the Utah Association of Counties mutual insurance fund.

Davis Health Board

In its Nov. 5 meeting, the Davis Health Board:

- Heard a report by the health department director, Dr. James Saunders, on the department's projected $7.4 million budget for 1997.

- Reviewed the annual flu shot clinics. Nursing Director Mary Meredith reported giving over 8,000 flu immunizations in October.

- Reviewed the new alcohol compliance program, being run in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies. In its first compliance test, one convenience store in Farmington was cited for selling to a 20-year-old; the other three stores tested in the city refused the sale.


In its Nov. 6 meeting Wednesday, the City Council:

- Approved a development agreement for the nine-lot Smoot Ranch Estates subdivision in west Farmington. Developer Stan Smoot agreed to pay $20,000 in storm sewer fees up front and the remaining $20,000 by June 1 to allow the city to construct a storm water collection and retention system.

- Gave final approval to Moon Farm Subdivision, 10 lots on 3.3 acres south of Shepard Lane and west of Main Street.

- Approved annexation of the 719-acre Wheeler Farm in west Farmington.

- Approved bylaws of the Farmington Community Service Council.


In its Nov. 13 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved the purchase of a new $76,200 emergency 911 system for placement in the new police/courts building. The new system has various advantages over the old one, including a special keyboard providing for communication with hearing-impaired callers.

- Voted to renew its contract with Davis County for animal control in 1997. It will cost $28,300.

- Set public hearings for Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m. for rezoning of the Colonial Pointe Apartments property and 7:45 p.m. for amending the zoning ordinance to clear up a discrepancy regarding sight clearances on corner lots.


In its Nov. 12 meeting, the City Council:

- Awarded a city flag to the Clearfield High ROTC for use with all its scheduled activities.

- Held a public hearing and adopted a new ordinance, effective Jan. 1, 1997, requiring signs to be posted on the frontage of all property being considered for rezoning or conditional uses. It also decided to continue to mail notices to all adjacent property owners.

- Appointed Richard Evans to the Planning Commission. Approved Charles Parker as an alternate member.

- Appointed Bob Rush as chairman of the Board of Adjustments. Appointed Richard Fisher as a member of the board and Dave Holgren as an alternate member.

- Approved donating some 26 bikes and other surplus police property to the Toys for Tots charity.

- Approved a Redevelopment Agency plan for the Freeport West area.

Fruit Heights

In its Nov. 12 meeting, the City Council:

- Discussed the loitering problem at the Bair Canyon trail head and voted to install signs prohibiting loitering. The Sheriff's Department will enforce the ban.

- Approved the city's first-ever general plan.

- Adopted a moratorium on the construction of wireless telecommunications facilities in the city until June 1, 1997, while a new city ordinance is drafted.

- Granted conditional acceptance to Ellison Farms subdivision, phases one, two and four, approximately 100 lots, south and west of 400 North and U.S. 89.


In its Nov. 12 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing and approved Kali Estates, phase three, 30 lots at 1800 N. 2050 West.

- Held a public hearing and approved Park David Estates, phase three, 29 lots at 2000 W. 1630 North.

- Held a public hearing on possible community development block grant projects for 1997 and discussed adding ramp access for the disabled on street corners.

- Approved elevating two part-time public works positions to full-time status.

- Approved the 1997 annual contract with Davis County Animal Control for $10,050, a five percent increase over 1996's contract.


In its Nov. 12 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved the purchase of park property, near 2700 S. and east of 1000 west, from the Davis School District. Purchase price for the eight acres of land is $23,000 per acre.

- Approved Syracuse Meadows, phases three and four, 28 lots at 2700 S. and 2500 West.

- Approved the annual contract with Davis County Animal Control for $7,712, an increase of five percent over the previous year's contract.

- Agreed to allow the Heritage Museum Foundation to solicit donations on city utility bills.

West Point

In its Nov. 12 meeting, the City Council:

- Approved the organization of a Christmas decoration contest in the city.

- Approved a stricter sidewalk-road ordinance that prohibits shoveling snow onto the road and calls for better enforcement of keeping sidewalks clean.