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Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates is planning a technology summit next May - and inviting leaders of 100 of the world's leading corporations.

The gathering, scheduled May 7-9 at the Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, will focus on technology and the way it affects business around the world.The emphasis will be on business concerns facing all international corporations, rather than on Micro-soft products, said Bob McDowell, a Microsoft vice president.

Topics will include how corporations coordinate technical standards - from the standard mouse and desktop icon to voice recognition.

"The whole focus (of the summit) is looking at fairly rapid technology transfer that is occurring . . . and the impact that these changes are having around the world," McDowell said.

"It's not intended to be a giant event. It is a sincere attempt to conduct a summit and a meeting."

The gathering will be co-organized by Forbes Magazine, which has long hosted gatherings for top level executives.

Steve Forbes, who ran this year for the GOP nomination for president, will also take part in certain events.

The list of invitees includes heads of corporations not involved in technology, McDowell said, and about 30 percent to 40 percent of the companies are outside the United States.

Gates may host the leaders at a dinner party at his new, techno-dream house in Medina is it's completed on time.

Microsoft will announce the attendees as chief executives respond to the invitations.