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Stop. Enough, already.

Deedee Corradini's a fine mayor - an honest, decent human being who only wishes to do the best she can for the city. How in the world she continues doing this, with the wolves constantly nipping at her heels with no sign of a let-up, is beyond my ken.She hasn't had good press in years (except, of course, from Newsweek Magazine; one of the top 25 mayors of up and coming cities).

Here in Salt Lake City, the naysayers who have continually harassed her are at it again:

1. Chris Van Ocker - stay in the "back room" and hush.

2. Deeda Seed - accomplished "nit-picker" - envy is a transgression.

3. Randy Horiuchi - a "wannabe." Uriah Heep on the sidelines chuckling with glee. Stay out of the back room.

She has been cleared of all controversy thrown at her. What penance will next be required? She's ben humiliated at every turn: "Do you live in an upscale neighborhood?" Hey, she should live in a tenement? "How much rent do you pay?" Give us more - more - your butcher, baker, candlestick maker? "What favors are you giving to friends who supported you with monies during a stressful time?

What could Larry Miller, Huntsman, etc., have to gain? They already own the universe.

Next we'll dredge up another old law - the stockades. Public flagellation.

She was elected by a majority. Let's allow her to continue doing an absolutely marvelous job running the city. It's amazing that her fellow Democrats are causing most of the ruckus. Let's explore and examine their lives and motives. Let's purge the City Council. They, and the local news (Channel 4), keep the controversy going. Isn't there enough really wrong with the world? Let's work together for the benefit of the city and the citizens. Remove the knives from the back of the mayor and get on.

May she still be in power when the Olympics are here. We need a "class act," not a bunch of petty detractors.

Marilyn Samson

Salt Lake City