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City Manager Tom Hardy normally spends a lot of time on Capitol Hill during the legislative session, opposing state management of what he views as purely municipal matters.

This time around he says the big issues are all going to be about travel."I think it's fair to say the 1997 legislative session will be dominated by one issue: transportation funding," he said.

Hardy and other city officials will meet with their state legislators Monday night.

The Bountiful City Council generally agrees with the 1996 resolutions of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. Those include retaining the 1/16-cent sales tax given to the Class B and C road funds last year and increasing the state gas tax.

Another issue is the proposed jurisdictional transfer of state roads and highways to the cities in which they are located. The league opposes the transfer unless the roads are first brought up to city standards, cities get more money for maintenance and the city in question agrees to the transfer.

In Bountiful, affected roads could include 200 West from Five Points Mall to 400 North, 500 South from I-15 to 200 West, and 400 North, turning at Main Street to Pages Lane (1400 North).

"That will be an item that I think will be discussed at length," Hardy said.

City Council members also said they favor a change in the distribution formula of B and C road funds. The current formula is weighted 54 percent local population, 32 percent miles traveled on the road and 14 percent land area. The proposed formula is 50 percent population and 50 percent road miles, which would increase the funds going to Bountiful.

"We've been having a Band-Aid approach in our city, and more and more we're going to need major contributions," Mayor John Cushing said. "I'm afraid the cities are going to be overlooked" in favor of such projects as I-15 and the proposed West Davis Transportation Corridor.

"That's the problem with our state - we take everything out of the B and C road fund," grumbled councilman Harold Shafter.

Council members generally opposed deregulation of electric utilities. (Bountiful has its own electric company).