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I am in support of Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini remaining in office, and I openly rebut accusations that critics are making against her. She and I have stood on opposite sides of many issues. However, she has always been aboveboard and statesmanlike when addressing our differences. Because of this, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mayor Corradini. I truly feel that she is one of the prominent and significant political leaders of our state.

I compliment Deedee Corradini for all of the many things that she has accomplished as mayor of Salt Lake City. I think that the issue of accepting money to help pay for her debt is no one else's business but her own and those who gave her financial assistance. I think that these accusations constitute mudslinging; they are partisan and unnecessary. I only hope that those people who are causing this agony to her will be the ones to lose their credibility in the end.It is every citizen's right to hold an opinion about the conduct of the mayor. I do not believe that these other issues have anything to do with her ability to execute the duties of the office she holds.

I compliment her on being a great mayor for Salt Lake City and a great leader in our state. I also compliment the credible way in which she and I have settled our differences in the past. I reaffirm my continued support for Deedee Corradini as the mayor of Salt Lake City. I hope that this issue will pass by the wayside as frivolous and small and that she will rise above it and continue to be one of the best leaders in this state, a leader with dignity and class.

Met Johnson

New Harmony