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O.J. Simpson says he wasn't doing anything wrong; he was just being O.J.

Amber McGrath, an 18-year-old court intern, said Simpson was "hitting on me" outside the courtroom during his wrongful death trial, according to a published report. But Simpson denied it and suggested she was showing interest in him."I flirt with everybody," Simpson said Tuesday. "That's me. Never in my 49 years has any woman complained."

The dispute overshadowed a day of mostly dry testimony, which involved two criminalists and the taped testimony of a Bloomingdale's employee.

Testimony continued Wednesday with glove expert Richard Rubin, who testified at Simpson's criminal trial that gloves Simpson wore during football broadcasts were the same model as those found near the crime scene.

The former football star is being sued by the families of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, who were killed outside Nicole Simpson's home in June 1994. He was acquitted of murder last year but could be forced to pay the families compensation if the civil jury rules against him.

McGrath, a high school senior working part time for the court's press relations office, told USA Today in a story published Tuesday that Simpson invited her to a Halloween party on Thursday - the same day Simpson and Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, got into a shouting match in court.

The newspaper quoted McGrath as saying she couldn't help but notice the similarity between her and Nicole Simpson, who was also 18 and blond when the football star met her.

"Here he is at the trial involving the death of his ex-wife who he's supposed to be in love with and he's hitting on me," McGrath said.

McGrath and Jerrianne Hayslett, the court spokeswoman who supervises McGrath, refused to comment.

The out-of-court controversy postponed proceedings for over an hour while the judge met with McGrath and others in his chambers.

Simpson, however, had much to say, speaking with reporters on several occasions in impromptu sessions outside the courtroom.

He said he didn't have a party on Halloween and told reporters McGrath was lying.

He said he may have "joked around" about a pretty girl at the trial but added, "I joke around all the time."

He said he had one conversation with McGrath in which she told him that she planned to take acting lessons.

When they had the talk, Simpson said, it was because McGrath was sitting in his chair in a partitioned area of the hallway outside the courtroom.

"Don't you find it curious that she would be sitting in the seat I always sit in?" he said.

Back inside the courtroom, Bloomingdale's employee Brenda Vemich testified that a receipt shows Nicole Simpson bought two pairs of extra-large Aris Leather Light gloves on Dec. 18, 1990, at the New York store - the same kind of gloves collected during the murder investigation.

Criminalist Dennis Fung ended his testimony by acknowledging under cross-examination that some of the crime-scene evidence may have been moved.