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Dave Brown has volunteered for the Wasatch Homeless Health Care Program at the Fourth Street Clinic for the past five years. His willingness to be available in an emergency, reliability and knowledge about the clinic adds to his effectiveness in working with a clientele that is often forgotten. He assisted in expanding the computer system to serve the patients better. He has also raised funds throughout the community to keep the clinic going and he has trained volunteers.

Brown set up the University of Utah Medical School Saturday Clinic in order to give medical students an opportunity to obtain clinical skills. He has been an invaluable key facilitator in allowing the Wasatch Homeless Health Care Program to serve the primary health care needs of the Salt Lake area's homeless individuals and families.Did you know that there are a number of support groups that can help you? To locate programs in your area, contact The Information and Referral Center at 978-3333.

For information about listings in the Helping Hand column, call 978-2452.

Teach CPR, first aid, HIV/AIDS and more. Training provided.

Shovel snow for the elderly.

Sign up to help as "First Night" volunteer. Doorkeepers, T-shirt vendors, help with children's art.

Assist with physical therapy.

Support terminally ill: training and office assistance provided.

Do office work and typing for two weeks in Salt Lake County government.

Pack food boxes and deliver to elderly Utahns. Help with yardwork and clean houses.

Be tutors, companions and help caseworkers dealing with children in Division of Child and Family Services.

Teach music, art, piano, drums at youth correctional facility.

Entertain at care center.

Help homeless teens. Answer phones, work with the teenagers.

Interview applicants for Christmas assistance program. Do data entry. Distribute gifts.

Serve meal, provide gifts during the holidays.

Remove snow for elderly and refugees.

Pick up food and furniture.

Coordinate and recruit volunteers at nonprofit agency.

Need drivers over 21 to transport people once a month.

Do office work.

Do emergency roof repairs for elderly, handicapped and low-income people.

Teach computer basics to young children.

Do landscaping at new city library.

Spanish speakers needed to help in health-care field.

Call senior citizens about smoke detectors.

Do office work.

Work with urban youth in Scouting program.

Set up computer lab at new multicultural center.

Do office work.

Train inmates in literacy at Oxbow and Metro jails.

Do office work, filing, phones, typing.

Volunteer in science, art and technology program in Sandy and Ogden areas.

Help teens develop healthy relationships.

Sit with elderly woman in West Valley area.

Match, train, screen, mentor and track clients.

Do data entry for Sandy police.

Help out in Sandy City government.

Join group that entertains at nursing homes.

Be a therapy assistant and help clients through art, music and writing.

Learn to teach literacy.

Take photos for group that entertains at nursing homes.

Be ambassador for Hogle Zoo.

Tutor inmates in reading, writing and math.

Mentor pregnant teens.

Help organize statewide organization. Tourette's syndrome.

Serve on citizen foster-care review board.

Tutor children.

Help organize statewide association. Phone and attend meetings.

Help elderly people with housecleaning.

Work with youths learning about art, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1-3 p.m.

Visit and read to care center residents.

Volunteer in gift shop.

Train to be a hospice volunteer.

Help with bowl-a-thon.

Help with mailing.

Electrician needed to hook up walk-in cooler.

Visit woman, share ideas.

Bake a cake.

Donate sheets, pots, pans and dishes, toys, diapers and clothing.

Give refrigerator, voice mail, fax machine, and men's clothing in good condition.

Provide hospital bed.

Give gas dryer, range.

Donate bedside commode.

Give Christmas gifts for youth shelter home.

Contribute copy and fax machine.

Give color printer, bulletin board, paper recycling service, bottled water service.

Provide yarn.

Donate baskets.

Give calendars and art supplies.

Contribute new tape recorders.

Give sound system, karaoke machine and office space.

Provide computer and printer for disabled man going to college.

Give school supplies for refugee children.

Donate office space.

Provide computer with modem, answering machine printer and metering machine.

Contribute 4-wheel cycle.

Provide refrigerators.

Give shower benches, walker, canes.

Provide building materials.

Donate lawn care equipment.

Donate kitchenware, tables and chairs.