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Kane County sheriff's deputies hope two recently discovered toys of missing 6-year-old Lance Guevarra and a national television show can help lead them to his abductors.

The 5-inch Godzilla figurines were discovered about three weeks ago half-buried in the dirt 200 yards from the boy's home in Big Water, near the Arizona border.The boy was reported missing Aug. 13 and was last seen carrying the toys when he left a neighbor's home, said chief deputy Allen Johnson.

A search with dogs conducted within 12 hours of his disappearance did not uncover the toys.

"Whether they were there from the beginning or placed there later is the question," Johnson said.

Deputies expect to send the toys to the state crime lab to see if they bear any fingerprints, Johnson said.

Detectives also are turning to the television program "Unsolved Mysteries."

The program briefly highlights Lance's abduction and shows his picture. The television show, which profiles unsolved crimes, will be telecast nationally.

The boy's mother, Kimberly Guevarra, said, "I'm praying that (the show) is going to be my answer. It's going to take the right person to see his face."

On the night of Lance's disappearance, he walked to a neighbor's home to play with other children. Later that night, he left to return home for a video game. That was the last time he was seen.

Officials searched in a 10-mile radius with a helicopter, airplane, six search dogs and about 300 people, Johnson said.

Deputies say Lance may have been abducted by someone he knew. Investigations into the Guevarra family - a standard procedure - came up with nothing.