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Arie Van Tielen's letter ("Gay club is a public health threat," Jan. 27) shows that even after years of AIDS education in our society, ignorance is still a problem. I will ignore the bigotry and some of the falsehoods and focus on the two aspects that first caught my attention.

The letter claims that AIDS is "mainly brought on by the unnatural sexual behavior of homosexuals and lesbians." First of all, aside from lifelong celibacy, a lifelong monogamous lesbian relationship is the least risky lifestyle as far as AIDS is concerned, safer than any heterosexual lifestyle.Second, in Africa and Asia, AIDS is spreading primarily among heterosexuals, and the same is happening in the United States as a result of successful educational campaigns in the gay community.

As to the last comment about "clubs promoting homosexuality and lesbianism" in public schools, that is completely ridiculous. I assume this is a reference to the club formed at East High, which, from what I understand, is a support group for student homosexuals. The ostracism against teenage homosexuals is intense and violent, leading to isolation, depression and often suicide.

These students need a safe place they can go where people accept them for who they are. I can't imagine how such a group could be considered to "promote" homosexuality, as if such a thing were even possible.

Greg Alt

Salt Lake City