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City recorder Richard B. Waite has not been reappointed to another two-year term because of allegations he misused a city credit card and other reasons.

Mayor Neldon E. Hamblin did not recommend to the City Council that Waite be reappointed during a special City Council meeting held earlier this week.The city recorder, treasurer, fire chief and similar positions routinely come up for approval to the City Council each January following the municipal election, according to state law and city ordinance.

City attorney Larry L. Waggoner said the council can choose to terminate any of the positions - even without cause.

"That's what the council chose to do," Waggoner said of Waite's position.

Waite, who has served as recorder for eight years, allegedly received a $5,000 line of credit from a Clearfield bank on a city credit card for personal expenditures. City funds were not actually used because Waite made the principal and interest payments with his own money.

No criminal charges will be filed by the Davis County attorney's office.

Waite had been on two-week paid administrative leave prior to his dismissal. He attended the special meeting but had no comment on the dismissal.

Although Waggoner also declined to comment further on the dismissal, he said the city is reevaluating city policies that allowed the misuse of the credit card.

Clearfield didn't have a policy on the use of city credit cards because Waite himself didn't follow through on the policy's development, Waggoner said.

"We're doing an ethics ordinance" as part of those internal changes, he said.

In the interim, the deputy recorder will double as city recorder.

The mayor and council approved all other reappointments of city positions.