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National leaders, joined by President Clinton and lead by Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, heard speeches about unity, charity and humility during the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday.

Bennett welcomed leaders, including both Republicans and Democrats, at a Washington hotel by explaining the first two commandments - loving God and loving your neighbor. Along with speeches and a prayer, attendees sang the hymn "Amazing Grace."Evangelist Billy Graham was not able to give the prayer for national and international leaders due to illness. Bennett asked his friend Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun, D-Ill., to fill in for Graham. Moseley-Braun responded with a gasp, at first, but agreed to offer the prayer.

Bennett introduced President Clinton, explaining that no one, except one man, can know what it is like to be president. Bennett said he had helped on many presidential and other campaigns but said, "no experience prepares you for when you are a candidate."

Clinton impressed with the words already spoken throughout the meeting said, "I don't think I need to say much now . . . I know one thing we have a lot to pray about here in Washington."

The president stated that he was thinking about what was really wanted in the National Prayer Breakfast and related the 4th Psalm where King David said, "Thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress."

"So I pray that when we leave here today we shall be enlarged in spirit not only for our public work, but for our private trials."

In talking about the nation's families Clinton said, "We would be a better country if our communities and our country acted more like the best families."

Clinton asked all to "pray for us here in Washington, to make the right decisions about how we should enlarge and strengthen the family, our communities, our nation and our ties to the world. Pray for us to have a more charitable attitude toward one other, and conduct disagreements with charity."