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It seems of late that some lawyers have launched a public image campaign to improve the light at attorneys are seen in and to make it more socially acceptable to sue your neighbor.

I liken their efforts to a toxic waste company painting pretty flowers on one if its smokestacks. All the sugarcoating in the world will never make suing someone a warm and nice experience.Only those who have been the target of a lawsuit can know the incredible pain, fear, anguish and sleepless nights brought on by being sued.

Sociologists list this kind of stress right next to the death of a loved one. Suing someone is a very serious action to take with very serious consequences to the mental and physical well-being of that person and his or her family. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

I sincerely hope that anyone thinking about responding to their ads will think long and hard before plunging another family into legal hell. I hope they carefully consider the full impact of their actions.

I hope no one will ever overrule the feeling deep in their heart that tells them with plainness what is right and what is wrong.

I am sure that anyone who goes ahead and just sues anyway will answer to a higher court for all unjustified suffering and pain. I am also just as sure that anyone who hijacks our legal system for profit will be in front of that same higher court.

Robert Gray Jr.