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Faye Resnick, a friend of O.J. Simpson's slain ex-wife and author of a tell-all book about her, broke down in tears Saturday as she answered deposition questions about alleged abuse in Simpson's marriage, an attorney said.

"That was the part that I thought was very powerful," said Michael Brewer, a lawyer for Ronald Goldman's mother.Resnick answered questions for four hours at the Manhattan offices of Brown family attorney John Q. Kelly. The deposition was closed to reporters, and Resnick did not comment outside.

"She's been threatened with death, but she's agreed to testify voluntarily," her attorney, Leonard Marks, told reporters without elaborating.

Later, Marks said most of the questions concerned conversations Resnick had with Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Brewer said she broke down four times as she recounted Simpson's alleged abuse of Ms. Simpson.

Resnick, whose book portrayed Simpson as a jealous wife-beater, maintains that Simpson killed Ms. Simpson and Goldman. Simpson has claimed that Resnick had drug-world ties that were to blame for the murders.

The Brown and Goldman families are pursuing wrongful death claims against Simpson, despite his acquittal on criminal charges. The deposition resumes Sunday, with Simpson's attorneys expected to focus on Resnick's drug use.

Resnick has admitted being addicted to cocaine. She checked into a rehabilitation clinic just days before the June 12, 1994, slayings outside a condominium she had shared with Ms. Simpson.