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A domestic dispute between an 18-year-old husband and wife ended in tragedy Monday morning when the man shot at Layton Police SWAT team members and was cut down by shotgun blasts.

Michael Stanfield died at Davis Hospital shortly after the 9 a.m. incident, according to Layton Police Sgt. Dale May.The incident is being investigated by the Davis County Sheriff's Office and County Attorney Mel Wilson, May said.

May said Mindy Stanfield fled the couple's mobile home at 301 N. Main just after 9 a.m. Monday with the couple's young child after her husband fired one shot at her during a domestic dispute.

Michael Stanfield fired a shot through the bathroom door of their home while Mandy was bathing the child, police said. She suffered a superficial leg wound, either from the bullet or fragments, according to police.

She called the police at 9:08 a.m. to report the incident and told police her husband said he would shoot any officers that showed up. The department's SWAT team surrounded the unit, evacuating nearby neighbors.

Stanfield came out of the trailer armed with a .25-caliber automatic handgun, May said, and fired one or two shots at two SWAT team members, who returned fire, hitting him. May said two Layton officers fired three rounds from their shotguns.

May said he does not know how many of the shotgun rounds struck Stanfield or where he was wounded.

He was taken to Davis Hospital by a Layton Fire Department ambulance, where he died, May said. Neither of the two Layton officers was hit, May said, and investigators are trying to determine how many shots Stanfield fired and where the bullets went.

May said he doesn't know what the couple was arguing about and could not confirm whether police had been to the address before.

Neighbors were evacuated again Monday evening for about 30 minutes when police learned there were bombmaking supplies, manuals and possibly assembled bombs in the trailer.

A search produced three pipe bombs, which were disarmed by bomb technicians from the sheriff's department. May said Stanfield is not a suspect in any bombing or vandalism incidents in the county at this time.May said police also found a crossbow and a large machete-type knife inside the trailer, but Stanfield was armed only with the handgun when he came outside.

The two officers invovled in the shooting, who were not identified by the department, were debriefed after the shooting and have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, which the department said is standard procedure.