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It is about time the lawmakers stood up to the ACLU and the homosexual movement going on in America. Great job, Utah legislators. Keep up the good work. It was so refreshing to see someone standing up for good and declaring that homosexual activity is bad.

I sometimes wonder if we as a society have any moral compass or discernment for good and bad. To hear our legislators speak out against having sex clubs in our public schools gives me hope that there are some who still have a voice of reason and prudent moderation.Do we really want our public schools to be a forum for any sex groups, be they heterosexual or homosexual? If students want sex clubs, wouldn't it be better for them, and our schools, to have them join private clubs? If they need psychiatric counseling, see a professional psychiatrist, but don't force sex clubs on our public school system.

If we as a society allow homosexuals to have their own sex clubs in our public schools, we will soon have others who want their sex clubs admitted, i.e. (teacher/student sex clubs) pedophiles and (people with animal sex clubs) bestiality. The list can go on and on.

Isn't a democracy wonderful? We the people/

taxpayers of Utah get to peaceably decide how our own schools are run. Yes, you have a vote and a voice, use them. I applaud the Utah legislators and encourage all to call or write them to voice your support. We have a wonderful state in which we live and our schools have many uplifting clubs that better our children let's keep it that way. Just say no to public school sex clubs.

Mark P. Cowdell