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Scott and Julia Shaw of the Little Neck Branch, Plainview New York Stake, were renters next door to a rickety 100-year-old house. Sister Shaw never thought too much of the house next door, but Brother Shaw said he always had a feeling that someday they would live in that house. When the elderly occupant of the rickety house died, the Shaws tried to buy the place.

"No mortgage company wanted to finance it," said Sister Shaw. "It was in too bad shape."But Brother Shaw persisted and not only found financing, but also arranged to have the house renovated.

"We experienced tremendous emotional drain and I consulted with the Lord on a daily basis," said Brother Shaw. "It was during those quiet moments that I found peace and resolve."

Unfortunately, the lease on their rented home was to expire before work on the prospective home was to be completed. Complicating matters, Brother Shaw's employers in the State Department suddenly sent him to Somalia for about six weeks, from early July to mid-August 1995.

Before any alternate plans could be made, Brother Shaw found himself boarding an airplane for war-torn Somalia.

"On the way to Somalia, I stopped in London, England, on a layover and visited the London Temple," he said. "I prayed fervently in the temple. I asked the Lord to help provide a place for my family to lay their heads.

"It was within the confines of that holy place that the Spirit rested upon me and reassured me," he said. "Even as my journey continued to Somalia I felt a tremendous sense of peace and reassurance."

Sister Shaw, taking care of their two daughters, Ellen, 6, and Andrea, 3, assumed the role of project manager, paying the workers, choosing materials and moving.

Six weeks later her husband returned to a happy family nestled in a comfortable, renovated home. They had previously found temporary quarters in the home of their stake president, who left for a few weeks' vacation.

"I came back to find that my prayers had been answered," Brother Shaw said. "This reassured me that the Lord takes great interest in our cares. I will always be grateful."