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Recently there was a big man who had a big machine and he liked to make big piles of snow. It mattereth not where he made his big piles of snow. His pleasure was to make the piles big and bigger wherever he could.

There was also a little person with a little machine who had difficulty finding a place to make his pile of snow because the big man had made big laws (Murray City Sec. 12:04.110) that prohibited the little man from interfering with the big man's piles of snow. The big man could put his snow anywhere it pleaseth him, but the little man had no place to put his snow.What a sad situation when the city can plow the streets and cover up the driveways, but the reverse is prohibited by law. I was actually hoping to get arrested last week in trying to help people clean out their icy, hard-packed snow that the city had created. One suggestion that might help would be for the city to plow all the snow to the center of the streets, which would leave all the driveways clear, and then let the snow melt or remove it from the major thoroughfares.

Thomas G. Pace

Salt Lake City