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QUAKE: Following a powerful earthquake and deadly tidal waves, aftershocks persuaded even those in east Indonesia who still had homes to sleep outdoors alongside the hundreds who had lost theirs. The death toll from Saturday's magnitude-7 quake climbed to 62 Monday, and police expected the figure to keep rising as they contacted remote villages swept by tidal waves. All the deaths occurred on Biak island, off the northern coast of the island of New Guinea.

TUNNEL: Japanese police are investigating the possibility of criminal negligence in a tunnel collapse that killed 20 people, a newspaper and news agency reported Monday. Villages near the tunnel were deep in mourning for the victims. Townspeople prayed and offered incense at a white-cloth-covered altar set up at the mouth of the tunnel where a car and a bus were trapped Feb. 10 when a huge rock plunged from a mountainside and smashed through the tunnel roof. The investigation by state police was focusing on whether the cave-in could have been predicted.

EBOLA: A virus that killed 13 villagers in a remote part of the West African nation of Gabon has been confirmed as Ebola, the World Health Organization said Monday. Thirteen people have died of the disease this month, seven more are infected and seven more are under surveillance as possible cases, the U.N. agency said. Ebola, one of the deadliest viruses known to man, causes internal and external bleeding and is spread through bodily fluids. It kills up to 80 percent of those infected. There is no treatment and no cure.

ELECTIONS: Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres said Monday Israel would hold general elections on May 20, more than five months ahead of the original date. Peres announced two weeks ago that he would move up the parliamentary elections, but his Labor Party and the opposition Likud Party then failed to agree on a date. After the two parties failed again Monday to reach agreement, Labor set the date unilaterally.

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ATTACK: Shark attacks on humans are rare, especially in Missouri. Kathi Peters got bitten in the hand while she and her husband were performing in a tank of six nurse sharks at the St. Louis Boat and Sports Show. Peters, 32, inadvertently placed her hand at the bottom of the 9,000-gallon fish tank while swimming during Saturday's show. Nurse sharks eat from the bottom of the ocean, and to one of the sharks, named Bob, the hand must have looked like a fish, she said.

CRASH: A Navy F-14 "Tomcat" fighter crashed off the California coast Sunday, killing two crew members, a Navy spokesman said. In the second fatal accident involving an F-14 in the past three weeks, the plane plunged into the ocean about 120 miles east of San Diego during a routine training flight, Navy spokesman Doug Sayers said.

TRIAL: The man who testified that he saw Daniel Andre Green shoot Michael Jordan's father is actually the person who pulled the trigger, defense lawyers contend. "What is most damaging to Larry Demery is physical evidence," said Woodberry Bowen, one of two lawyers representing Green. "What he says happened couldn't have happened." The defense is trying to undermine the testimony of Green's chief accuser - Larry Martin Demery. Demery and Green were both charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy in the 1993 shooting of James Jordan.

Other news

FLAMBOYANT Russian ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky sent President Clinton a letter Monday challenging him to come to Moscow for television debates and promising to pay the costs. . . . A FIRE swept through two slums in the eastern Philippines before dawn Monday morning, killing two people and leaving 500 families homeless. . . . BLUES GREAT Walter Brownie McGhee, who formed a long-running duo with Saunders "Sonny Terry" Terrell, has died of cancer at a California hospital, a nursing supervisor said Sunday. He was 80. . . . A YOUNG boy was killed and a man was badly injured Saturday when they were hit by a train while walking along railroad tracks in Southern California near Irvine.