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This letter is in response to the editorial cartoon in the Jan. 20 Deseret News depicting AT&T splitting into three companies to boost profits. There are generally two sides - or cartoons in this case - to every story.

Besides its obligation to its employees, AT&T also has an obligation to its shareholders to make a profit. Shareholders expect a profit. It is with these profits that AT&T pays dividends to its shareholders, the owners of the company. Many people depend on these dividends to supplement their income. They do not depend on Uncle Sam every month for a check, but AT&T.I regret that anyone has to lose a job, but I also understand AT&T has an obligation to its millions of shareholders. I am one of those shareholders. I own less than 250 shares of AT&T and could not be considered a "fat cat" by any stretch of the imagination. One reason I invested in AT&T is that I felt secure in that I would get a fair return on my investment.

If I thought that AT&T was not going to make a profit in order to pay me a dividend, I surely would not have invested in the company nor would millions of other people. No investors translates into no company and no company translates into no jobs for anyone. My sympathy goes out to those who are losing their jobs for I too am unemployed and understand how hard it is to start over again.

I must also add that I depend on the dividends from my very small stock portfolio to help me financially until I find another job. I am very thankful that AT&T does make a profit and I am able to stay self-sufficient for a little while longer.

John White

Salt Lake City