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Here is a list of bills introduced Thursday before the Legislature. Bill sponsors are in parentheses.

House bills introduced

HB307 (Adair) - Appropriates $200,000 for driver's license encoding.

HB308 (Fox) - Requires petitioners seeking to include new lands in a water district to obtain the consent of the local government in which the new lands are located.

HB309 (Short) - Creates a sales tax exemption for coin-operated amusement devices.

HB310 (Wright) - Provides payment for the collection of certain used oils.

HB311 (Jensen) - Creates a sales tax exemption for school fees, deposits and rentals.

HB312 (Fox) - Provides for fair hearing officers to conduct hearings on the termination of school employees when agreed to by both sides.

HB313 (Hatch) - Amends what can be incorporated by reference into an insurance policy.

HB314 (Bodily) - Creates a non-contributory retirement system for judges.

HB315 (Alexander) - provides that school district superintendents shall be appointed on the basis of outstanding professional qualifications.

HB316 (Valentine) - Enacts the uniform statutory rule against perpetuities as it relates to the probate code.

HB317 (Curtis) - Transfers the regulation of bail bondsmen to the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

HB318 (Adair) - Prohibits semitrailer trucks from driving in the left lane of highways with two or more lanes of traffic in each direction.

HB319 (Hickman) - Appropriates $900,000 for a transportation investment study.

HB320 (Bresnahan) - Requires that commercial surveys of the listenership of radio or television stations include in the results which stations were included and which were not.

HB321 (Valentine) - Establishes a time limit within which health-care provider pre-litigation panels must be conducted.

HB322 (Waddoups) - Exempts motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce from county emissions inspection requirements.

House bills introduced earlier this week but omitted from calendar

HB290 (Hickman) - Creates a Tax Elimination Blue Ribbon Committee and appropriates $31,000 to the committee.

HB291 (Alexander) - Creates a sales tax exemption for coin-operated car washes.

HB292 (Barth) - Creates the Utah Child Fatality Review Committee.

Senate bills introduced

SB174 (Holmgren) - Amends the definition of small employer as it relates to insurance laws.

SB175 (Myrin) - Clarifies that public sports entities are not commissions, boards or committees of municipalities.

SB176 (Watson) - Subjects municipalities to blue stake requirements related to the protection of underground utilities.

SB177 (Blackham) - Changes the responsibilities of the Legislative Process Committee and outlines a process for oversight and sunset reviews of certain agencies and licensing acts.

SCR3 (Howell) - Resolution encouraging county election clerks to print voting ballots in braille for people who are blind.