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Ed Merrill objects to today's monied and elitist environmental extremists being characterized as "propagandists. He prefers that they be called "visionaries."

Never mind that these "visionaries" are making great strides toward eliminating constitutional private property rights, domestic natural resource-based economies and uses of public lands other than their own. Never mind that these "visionaries" put their faith in ever more intrusive central government while holding the individual and his inalienable rights in contempt.It's curious that these enemies of individuality, private property and industry should be called "visionaries." Americans once thought that their Founding Fathers were visionaries for having made a valiant attempt to ensure these qualities for Americans, not destroy them. Environmental extremists, Merrills' "visionaries" seem to believe that there is no price too great to pay for their version of "naturalness." The fact is that there is one price too great and if we are not vigilant, we are destined to pay it. That price is our freedom.

There is nothing visionary about centralized dominion over a people. This has been the brutal lot of most civilizations. That which is visionary is personal freedom and free enterprise, the virtues that have historically defined the American experience. Unfortunately, today, these qualities are abominable in the eyes and rhetoric of Merrills' "visionaries."

Paul L. Young

St. George