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Police investigating two lethal IRA bombings seized explosives and bombmaking equipment in a series of raids in London overnight. No one was arrested.

Irish police also raided the north Dublin home of an Irish man who was injured in Sunday night's explosion aboard a double-decker bus in London. The BBC and Press Association said the man had been eliminated as a suspect and was no longer under guard at a hospital.Scotland Yard, which never confirmed the injured man was a suspect, declined comment on the reports.

The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for the blast in London's tourist district. The blast killed one person and injured nine. Police were investigating the possibility that the man killed might have been transporting the bomb.

It was the second IRA bombing and the third death in London since the outlawed group ended its 17-month cease-fire on Feb. 9 to protest the slow pace of talks on Northern Ireland's future. A third bomb was deactivated in a London phone booth.

Cmdr. John Grieve, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist unit, gave no details about the amounts of explosives seized overnight or the number of locations searched in the raids in London.Security sources in Dublin said the man killed Sunday night was originally from the Wexford area in southern Ireland and had not previously been suspected of IRA involvement.

In contrast to previous IRA attacks, Sunday's explosion came without any warning to police to evacuate the targeted area.

"The bus was not the intended target, we believe," said Grieve. He would not say what police believe the target was.

Grieve said police have not ruled out the possibility that the dead man pulled from the wreckage was a bomber.

"That's not a possibility we have discounted yet," he said, but refused to elaborate. Grieve said a weapon was found in the bus wreckage, but gave no details.

Two people were arrested under anti-terrorism laws in south London on Monday, but police would not say whether the arrests were linked to the explosion.