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Seahawks deny NFL threatened huge fine

SEATTLE - The Seattle Seahawks denied a report that NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has warned team owner Ken Behring he could be fined as much as $500,000 if he moves the franchise.

"There is no truth to the story whatsoever," Alan Elias, a spokesman for Behring in Los Angeles, said about the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's report in Thursday's editions.

Elias said Tagliabue and Behring had a meeting Wednesday night in Palm Beach, Fla., that was "cordial, a useful exchange of information."

"At no time during that meeting were there any threats made to Mr. Behring by the commissioner," Elias said. "Both sides agreed to reflect on the Seattle stadium situation and confer later."

NCAA suspends Kittles

VILLANOVA, Pa. - Villanova star Kerry Kittles has been suspended by the NCAA for the final three regular-season games for the unauthorized use of a university telephone credit card number.

"We are very disappointed that this happened," coach Steve Lappas said Thursday night. "Kerry understands the ramifications of all this. Now, we need to go forward and coach our basketball team Sunday."

The No. 4 Wildcats will play against No. 3 Connecticut on Sunday, in a game that could affect their seeding for the Big East and NCAA tournaments.

The university did not disclose the size of Kittles' debt, which it said he had repaid with help from his family.

"He made a significant number of calls over a period of several months," athletic director Gene DeFilippo said. "The credit card number did not belong to any member of the basketball staff."

Lappas said that Kittles acknowledged that his use of the card was wrong, but said he had been unaware that he had broken NCAA rules.