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Clarice Harrington volunteers at Cottonwood Hospital. She started in 1982 and has accrued 8,549 hours of volunteer service. She has been described as a lovely, shy, cuddly lady who makes people feel happy and kind toward the world. She is willing to reach out and help others and is consistent in her commitment to the hospital.

She has managed the volunteer office, helped in administration and interacts with staff and patients well. Her peers respect her and gave her the hospital volunteer of the year award.By the way, she's 87 years old.

There are several counseling programs and support groups. Call the Information and Referral Center at 978-3333 for more information. The center is the place to call when you don't know who to call.

For information about listings in the Helping Hand column, call 978-2452.

Help mail invitations for event.

Translate, help children with language skills at elementary school.

Help raise funds April 8-10.

Provide glaucoma screening. Training.

Conduct tours, construct exhibit at Capitol. Feb. 13-20.

Help out at museum. Three days a week.

Assist Salt Lake man in completing assignments.

Study abroad.

Visit young pregnant woman who has anxiety attacks.

Care for injured birds.

Staff crisis line.

Teach others about rape. Training.

Put in sidewalk and gutter.

Teach others about mental health.

Volunteer craftsperson to build and repair.

Do office work and keep records.

Help in environmental education resource center.

Plan fund-raisers.

Shuttle patients in electric carts to clinic appointments. Two hours.

Volunteer in hospital. Many opportunities.

Train to help abused children.

Teach exercise to senior citizens.

Befriend HIV-positive mother and child for visits and holidays.

Sell and distribute daffodils one week in March.

Help abused and neglected children.

Teach exercise to senior citizens.

Help plan Bowl for Kids Sake.

Befriend elderly woman a few hours a day.

Record and transcribe minutes for food bank meeting.

Clip newspaper articles.

Provide foster homes for dogs and cats.

Install metal safety railing for window well.

Shovel snow, do yard work for senior citizens.

Be a friend to elderly individuals.

Organize a food drive.

Provide socks and underwear to homeless teens.

Fill hygiene kits.

Teach youths to crochet, sew while in detention.

Entertain senior citizens at nursing home. Also help with re-crea-tion.

Visit people who are elderly.

Teach young mothers how to care for children.

Perform clerical tasks.

Coordinate events and do office work in environmental education resource center.

Teach reading and ESL to adults. Training begins in January.

Energize literacy organization as a board member.

Monitor and supervise tutoring room at correctional facility. Long-term commitment.

Provide temporary shelter for youths.

Assist with activities, entertainment and crafts.

Do office work at Alzheimer's care center.

Walk with and visit frail elderly.

Listen to and befriend women who are recently widowed.

Interview and assist low-income people with utility program.

Repair chimney at Children's Justice Center.

Fill out forms and assist in HEAT office.

Visit homebound, chronically ill patients.

Help educate children about nature. Fifty hours a year.

Make bread and pizza runs for food bank.

Do outreach to the bereaved.

Befriend person with disabilities.

Provide small gift for adults in facilities.

Deliver food boxes.

Entertain confined and isolated people in nursing homes.

Ride the buses Wednesdays from noon to 3 p.m. to assist senior citizens with grocery shopping bags.

Teach children about art.

Play chess in nursing home.

Manage office, coordinate volunteers.

Office administrator, campaign representative needed.

Welder needed to repair camper for handicapped family.

Support Junior Jazz team of at-risk community.

Assist victims of domestic violence.

Visit hospital patients.

Transport patients to cancer treatments.

Animal trainers and handlers needed for program that aids people with physical and emotional disabilities.

Donate fax machine.

Provide desk with center and side drawers.

Give a computer.

Donate quilting material, quilts and batting.

Provide electric wheelchair.

Contribute toiletries.

Give bath chair for elderly woman.

Donate shampoo, feminine hygiene products, twin sheets, toothpaste, shelves.

Give lift chair.

Donate furniture for vets.

Provide carpet and linoleum for family of disabled woman.

Give gas ranges and dryers for the elderly.