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Kirsty Irvine, 17, of the Falkirk Branch, Edinburgh Scotland Stake, recently received a heartfelt letter of thanks from a special needs school in the area for saving the life of one of its pupils.

Kirsty was on the beach, where the tide was out, when she saw one of a group of boys with his feet stuck in what appeared to be wet sand. She noticed that his friends thought the boy was just joking until he started to sink in the sand. Then they became frightened. Some of them tried to go to his rescue, but as they approached him, they also began to sink in the sand and had to back away.Emergency services were sent for, but the boy was sinking fast. Kirsty sensed the gravity of the situation and also remembered training she had previously received at Young Women camp. After a quick prayer, and without thinking of possible consequences, she lay flat on the sand. Then she began cautiously wriggling toward the panicked boy.

By the time she reached him, he had sunk into the sand up to his chest and was still going down. She grabbed hold of him and struggled until she was finally able to pull him out a little bit. Any movement on his part caused him to again sink deeper. To keep that from happening, all the while Kirsty was exerting as much energy as she could to pull him out, she also kept speaking to him, trying to calm him down.

After she had pulled him out as far as his waist, Kirsty encouraged the boy to lean back as flat as he could. She reached down into the sand and pulled out one leg. Then she reached down and pulled the other leg out. Once he was free of his trap, she was able to drag him up the beach to safety.

Later, Kirsty acknowledged that she was able to rescue the distressed boy because her experience at Young Women camp included training in that area. She also said she believed that the Lord had brought that training to her mind at just the right time.

Kirsty then expressed thanks for all those who had helped keep her from the quicksand and for her strengthened testimony that the Lord does hear and answer prayers.