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The Eagles on Friday night signed Troy Vincent, the outstanding left cornerback of the Miami Dolphins, to an offer sheet.

While terms were not disclosed, reports in Miami indicated that the Detroit Lions had made Vincent a five-year, $15 million offer with a $5 million signing bonus. His agents, James and Linda Bodley, were seeking more than $3 million a year.Because he is a transition player, the Dolphins have the right of first refusal, but must pay Vincent at least $2.08 million a year - the average of the top 10 cornerbacks in the league. Vincent earned $1 million last season.

The Eagles also interviewed Green Bay quarterback Ty Detmer and New Orleans right offensive tackle Richard Cooper on Friday.

Rhodes indicated that the club would try to get Cooper signed right away, though he has visits planned with Chicago, Pittsburgh, Arizona and the New York Jets. Detmer said the Eagles were his only scheduled visit.

Detmer held discussions with the club late Friday night. He said he had not received an offer, but, "We will talk through the weekend."

Rhodes said he was encouraged that the club could sign some players this weekend, including quarterback Rodney Peete.

Detmer wants a chance. Detmer said that if Peete re-signed with the Eagles, he wouldn't rule out his coming here.

"You have to go in and compete," he said. "I'm not competing against Rodney, but myself. We (Rhodes and he) talked a bit. He said I would have the opportunity to play and I would get a good shot in preseason to see what happens. Nothing is guaranteed. I don't expect to come in and be guaranteed a starting spot."

Detmer did say he wouldn't come here if the Eagles signed Jeff Hostetler, which remains a long shot.

"If Hostetler came in, he's going to be the starter and I would not be interested in coming here," Detmer said.

And if it's Peete?

"I would have a better shot of playing here," Detmer replied.

Detmer earned just $375,000 as a backup to Brett Favre last season.

"Hopefully, this weekend, some deals will be closed," Rhodes said. "Both with guys (Friday) and some existing people."

"I signed an offer" with the Eagles, said Vincent, a graduate of Pennsbury High School in New Jersey, Friday night. "I'm hoping that it won't be matched."

Meanwhile, Eagles executives learned that they had lost their starting left linebacker.

Bill Romanowski, who started for the last two seasons after coming from the 49ers, signed a five-year, $9 million offer with the Denver Broncos Friday night that includes a $3 million signing bonus.

Coach Ray Rhodes said earlier in the week that he was expecting the Eagles to re-sign Romanowski, who made $1.25 million last season.

Although Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga is expected to match any offer Vincent gets, the key for the Eagles would be to front-load the deal because Miami is only $40,000 under the salary cap.

The Eagles, with so many players unsigned, are between $17 million and $20 million under the cap, ranking them No. 1 in the league in money to spend.

Of course, how much the Eagles have in bonus money is another story. Agents around the league believe the Eagles have just enough available cash to give one or two players a large signing bonus.