A Lyon County author and a longtime anti-prostitution crusader have formed a nonprofit corporation to fight legal prostitution in Nevada.

George Williams III and John Reese have formed Nevadans Against Brothels, which will seek contributions to fight the state's brothel owners in court. Nevada has about 35 legal brothels in rural counties.Williams, who has written several books on the history of prostitution, said the organization intends to place pickets holding "AIDS Kills" signs near brothels on busy nights.

Nevada health authorities say no prostitute working in a legal brothel has tested positive for the AIDS virus. More than 20 women have been turned down for brothel employment when pre-employment tests showed they carried the virus.

Williams has asked the Nevada Supreme Court for an order to close the four brothels operating in Lyon County. He lives in Moundhouse, just east of Carson City near the brothels.

"The wealthy pimps who run the brothels and exploit troubled young women need to know their days are numbered," Williams said.

Reese is a Reno construction worker who once put up a billboard east of Reno advising potential patrons that sex with prostitutes could be dangerous.

Two years ago, he also announced his intention to open a brothel for homosexuals in Pahrump. But he said he had no intention of opening such a business and only wanted to gain publicity for anti-prostitution efforts.