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Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan's news that the economy is OK turned the race around last week (through Wednesday) as most mounts raced to the rear. Only the saver stallions and OTC kept running the right way. Even while falling $121, Blue Chip moved into first by losing less than Silver, the new number two, who galloped to a $323 loss. Number three, OTC, gained ground on the leaders and gained $82. Inching up in the standings, the saver steeds are in fourth through sixth. Money Market, EE Bonds and 90-Day CD posted their usual small gains of $10, $9 and $8, respectively, but this week any advance at all looked good. Lipper Mutual dropped from fifth to seventh with a $49 skid while Gold sprinted back to eighth place with a $157 loss and Lipper International cantered to a $51 drop.