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Cattle drive-through

Where's the beef? Hoofin' it to a car wash for cows!Because of htis Australian invention, horn flies won't drive cows so crazy, says 3-2-1 Contact magazine. To get rid of the biting flies, cows can walk through a steel-framed, plastic-covered tunnel. Inside, an automatic brush wipes the flies from the cows' bodies.

The flies then rise toward the ceiling and get zapped by a solar flytrap.

Cows quickly learn to go for a quick scrub when they get bugged. Farmers love the giant flytrap, too. They don't have to spray their herds seven times a year with bug repellant. Shoo fly!

Solar flair

Imagine how hot it would feel if the sky were filled with 3,000 suns. That's how hot it is 1.7 million miles from the sun!

Sounds too hot to handle? Not for NASA. In the year 2001, the U.S. space agency plans to launch a satellite that will fly this close to the sun. (The closest any spacecraft has come is 26 million miles away.)

Thanks to a parabolic dish, the probe won't melt when it flies by. (It will take four years to get there!) The curved dish will act as both a solar shield and a radio receiver, says 3-2-1 Contact magazine.

Streaking through space at 675,000 miles per hour--the fastest speed ever reached by a spacecraft--the probe will travel from the north solar pole to the south. And hopefully, scientist will find out some of the hottest stuff yet about the sun.