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While some voters weigh their choice for president, others have another important race to decide: the best and worst of Hillary Rodham Clinton's hair.

A pair of World Wide Web designers have created a site displaying - at last count - 43 hairdos worn by the first lady."One night I'm watching the nightly news and I noticed Hillary had another new hairdo. "I thought `hillaryshair.com,' " said Mike Miller, an online services manager for Vanguard Technology Group in Chicago.

Between 30,000 and 40,000 people have looked at the site each day since it went online Feb. 7. About 1,300 people have voted for the best and worst hairdo, Miller said.

A shoulder-length, side-parted hairdo is in the lead for "Best First Hair." "Worst First Hair" honors are going to a curlier, puffier, hair style of similar length. Each hairdo is identified by a number.

Miller and his partner, James Schneider, a multimedia designer at Vanguard's headquarters in Winona, Minn., used images they found online and plan to add pictures from newspapers and maga-zines.

The two also are considering putting an image of a bald first lady online and letting people draw in their own hairdos, Miller said.

There's no deadline for voting, and the site should last until the November election, Schneider said. The results are available online and constantly updated.

Miller and Schneider said they've gotten mostly positive comments via e-mail. Some critics, however, called the site degrading.

"They're missing the point," Miller said. "If she wasn't as well known for her accomplishments as she is, there would be no point in doing this."

A spokesman in Hillary Clinton's press office said no one there knew about the site and that the first lady probably hasn't seen it.

One woman from Longview, Texas, who described herself as a frustrated hair stylist, wrote in an e-mail response to the page that, "When things get down, I go for a new hairdo."

"Evidently, that is something I have in common with Hillary Clinton," she wrote.

A New York City woman who called herself a card-carrying Democrat wrote that the display was the most entertaining spot on the Web.

"Who says Democrats have no sense of humor?" she asked.

Schneider called his own political views middle of the road - Democrat to Republican. Miller described himself as a liberal Democrat.

The site was not meant as a political commentary, Schneider said.

"It sounded like fun," he said.

The World Wide Web address is: http://www.hillaryshair.com