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Legislators did send to the governor bills that would:

Give an $80 million income/property tax cut.

Remove the sales tax from coin-operated laundries, carwashes and amusement devices.

Give self-employed Utahns a 60 percent income tax write-off on their health insurance premiums.

Raise the cigarette tax by 4.5 cents per pack.

Change the state spending cap law to allow more spending on highways and buildings.

Give state employees a 4 percent pay raise.

Raise legislative pay, starting next year, from $85 a day to $100 a day.

Establish a period of silence in public schools.

Enable schools to suspend students for frequent or flagrant swearing.

Allow school districts to use the state's credit rating when seeking bonds.

Cap taxpayer spending on Olympic facilities at $59 million.

Create an Olympic "czar" to oversee planning for the 2002 Winter Games.

Take away the Salt Lake City Council's appointment power over Olympic trustees.

Allow the speaker of the House and Senate president to perform marriages.

Put a one-year freeze on college tuition.

Establish a "Centennial Opportunity" financial aid program for needy college students.

Authorize an $18 million revenue bond for the new Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Improve or replace buildings at Weber State University, Utah State University, University of Utah, College of Eastern Utah and Snow College.

Build an access road at Utah Valley State College.

Create the Centennial Highway Fund and support it with a $110 million appropriation earmarked for new highways and major improvements to existing ones.

Give the Utah Department of Transportation the green light to raise speed limits to as much as 75 mph on freeways, 70 mph on other highways.

Technically allow the Utah Department of Transportation to prepare for the unfunded rebuilding next year of I-15 through Salt Lake County.

Designate a centennial tartan.

Ban the use of unmanned photo radar, except in school zones and in areas posted with speed limits of 30 mph or less.

Extend the life of the state's Uninsured Motorist Identification Database through July 1998.

Make public roads and highways off limits to off-road vehicles.

Require the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration to stop issuing centennial license plates after Dec. 31.

Require the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration to begin issuing commemorative 2002 Winter Olympic Games license plates as soon as Jan. 1, 1997, through June 2002.

Prohibit semitrailer trucks from driving in the left lane of three-lane highways.

Offer incentives to families who want to adopt children.

Establish a Transportation Corridor Preservation Program to buy up rights of way for future highways and fund it with a $500,000 appropriation.

Change the makeup of the state Transportation Commission from five to seven members.

Make it illegal for anyone to ride in the back of a moving trailer or semitrailer attached to a motor vehicle.

Change Division of Family Services to Division of Child and Family Services.

Bar semitrailer trucks from the left-most lane of four- and six-lane highways, except to pass.

Create a traffic noise abatement program and fund it with $500,000 for sound walls.

Designate a state centennial star.

Suspend the driver's license of anyone under 21 attempting to purchase alcohol or soliciting anyone to purchase alcohol.

Charge mechanics with a misdemeanor for knowingly failing to repair damaged airbags while working on a vehicle.

Allow school buses to drive through a railroad crossing with a malfunctioning signal under certain conditions.

Require trucks carrying gravel, sand or other loose materials to cover their loads (exempted: coal trucks and snow-removal trucks carrying salt).

Require school curricula and activities to include the study of American heritage documents.

Increased the value of the weighted pupil unit to $1,739.

Allow first cousins to marry if they're older than 54.

Change name of Division of Services for the Visually Handicapped to the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Say overtime pay should be considered in setting child support amounts.

Allow people with mental illnesses to fill out mental directives for treatment should their mental health deteriorate.

Bring Utah in line with federal laws governing child support collection.

Give judges the option of suspending a driver's license if its owner refuses to pay court-ordered child support.

Restrict late-term abortion methods, including "partial birth" and saline injection.

Create new department, Workforce Services, to handle welfare and employment programs.

Reform Utah's welfare system, giving it a work emphasis and expanding the Single Parent Employment Demonstration.

Make involuntary treatment and quarantine of people with communicable diseases possible.

Move abuse of the elderly or adults with mental disabilities into the criminal code and make it a felony.

Allow an income tax deduction for people who purchase their own health insurance.

Enlist nonprofit organizations to help welfare clients.

Allow parents to get residential help for mentally ill children without giving up custody.

Require people who are "harboring runaways" to notify the Division of Family Services.

Encourage single parents on welfare to give up their parental rights and let their children be placed for adoption.

Require supervision of substance abuse counselors.

Give $1.9 million to West Valley City for a hockey arena and amend an RDA law that allows the city to pump an additional $3.5 million into the project.

Pass an incorporation law that allows six pending incorporation petitions to go forward and sets up the procedure for future incorporations.

Legislators didn't:

Offer a mechanism to pay for the $800 million to $1 billion rebuilding of I-15 through Salt Lake County.

Require the Utah Transit Authority's board of directors be elected, rather than appointed.

Give counties a quarter-cent, voter-approved local sales tax.

Restrict cities' business license fee rates.

Ban lobbyists' gifts to lawmakers over $50.

Require voters along the Wasatch Front to approve the light-rail project between Sandy and downtown Salt Lake City.

Provide per-pupil funding to private alternative schools for at-risk youths.

Establish charter schools.

Require local school boards to use state guidelines in making school boundary decisions.

Require students to obtain written permission to participate in any school club.

Increase "urgent student support" funding for counseling, instructional equipment, library acquisitions and other services in higher education.

Fund a program to help college students complete their education in less time and improve student transition from community colleges to universities.

Suspend professional license for people who refuse to pay court-ordered child support.

Close a loophole that exempts "drop-in" child-care centers from licensing.

Allow people listed on the child abuse registry due process and a chance to rebut their placement there.

Create a registry for employers to report new hires to simplify child support collection.

Allow adopted children to get more access to information about birth parents.

Remove the sales tax from food.

End "drive through" deliveries by setting minimum hospital stays following child birth.

Hire two new toxicologists to help law enforcement with lab work.

Make minors get parental permission before getting a tattoo.

Ban nude dancing.

Legalize ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons.

Ban camping near water sources used by livestock.

Create an endowment for cultural projects and museums.

Establish the Bonneville cutthroat trout as the state fish.