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Actions taken Friday on bills before the Legislature:

House bills introduced

HB323 (B. Allen) - Modifies provisions relating to the approval required for the issuance of checks by special service districts.

HB324 (N. Stephens) - Establishes a community service program and requires unemployed and nonpaying noncustodial parents whose children receive cash assistance to participate in the program.

HB325 (Short) - Modifies the calculation of the property tax credits allowable for certain homeowners and renters, and modifies the maximum amount allowable as a renter's credit under property tax circuit breaker provisions.

HB326 (B. Johnson) - Subjects certain interests in state lands to the privilege tax.

HB327 (Suazo) - Permits a governing body of the state to contract with or execute an interlocal agreement for services to be provided by a housing authority.

HB328 (Atkinson) - Requires the Department of Transportation to establish a foliage control program related to outdoor ad-ver-tising.

HB329 (Styler) - Allows counties to authorize hunters of jack rabbits to use spotlights.

HB330 (Garn) - Provides for oversight and review of federal mandates and outlines the duties of the Executive Appropriations Committee over federal mandates.

HB331 (S. Allen) - Prohibits insurers from discriminating against victims of domestic violence.

HB332 (Adair) - Amends payment obligations when there is an insolvent employer as it relates to uninsured fund liability.

HB333 (Adair) - Amends Industrial Commission jurisdiction on compensability of health-care providers.

Senate bills introduced

SB178 (C. Peterson) - Creates a settlement and mediation program for matters on appeal before the Court of Appeals.

SB179 (C. Peterson) - Establishes an insurance membership council for the state Retirement Board.

SB180 (Mantes) - Clarifies the sales tax exemption for purchases of food made with food stamps.

SB181 (Mantes) - Clarifies the sales tax exemption for purchases made under federal nutrition programs for women, infants and children.

SB182 (Hillyard) - Repeals current provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code related to investment securities.

SB183 (Mantes) - Repeals the tax exemption for sales or uses of property which the state is prohibited from taxing under state or federal law.

SB184 (Taylor) - Makes technical corrections to the judicial code to eliminate references to circuit courts.

SB185 (Poulton) - Reduces the contiguous acreage requirement for agricultural use valuations.

SB186 (McAllister) - Provides an income tax credit for manufacturers of base oil.

SB187 (Wharton) - Requires that any amount of infectious waste be subject to Department of Environmental Quality rules regarding disposal.

Bills passed both houses

HB33 (B. Evans) - Repeals outdated education statutes.

HB75 (B. Evans) - Allows school districts greater flexibility in the amount of state education technology money they may spend for in-service training.

HB97 (Bodily) - Amends the membership and quorum requirements of the Drinking Water Board.