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The incompetence of the Jordan School District officials has come into play again. At a meeting to discuss overcrowding at Oquirrh Hills Middle School, the district representatives told parents that their school was in crisis. The district said that parents and school administrators needed to come up with a solution. Then they calmly left, leaving the task of responding to the angry parents to someone else. How typical.

For the past several years, parents in the south valley area have attempted to make the district officials recognize that our schools were approaching a crisis. Our population has increased faster than district officials will admit. Their conservative estimates of new growth are laughable. Junior high and high schools are needed out here to combat the lower quality of learning, the fire hazards and the violence that occur in severely overcrowded schools. The district still refuses to acknowledge our concerns. They placed new schools in an area that does not have the population to fill the schools. They say the south valley won't have new schools for three to five years.Now we are in crisis, and we have to solve the problem. Realigning the boundaries, busing students to the empty schools, and year-round or split schedules will help temper the crisis but will not alleviate it. We must have new schools now. Write to the district. Write to your local, state and national government representatives. Write to the local press. Go to school district meetings. Vote only for the people who will place our children's welfare above other concerns. If necessary, picket and boycott. We must make them realize the extreme hazards our children face every day because of the excessive overcrowding.

Monica Steiner