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Nephi City Council members have extended a moratorium on all residential building other than single-family dwellings.

"I recommend we extend the moratorium for six months," said Mayor Robert Steele. "We need to get the general plan completed so we know where we want to place apartments and planned-unit developments before we start allowing building again."Six months ago, the council placed a six-month moratorium on all residential building except for single-family homes. During the moratorium, the city staff, at council direction, began updating the general plan.

Council members then decided to have Utah State University assist with a community resident survey.

"The original time schedule called for the general plan revision to be completed by Nov. 15 and associated ordinances by Feb. 1," said Randy McKnight, city administrator.

"Even on that schedule, the moratorium would have to be extended," he said.

"We need those results before we can finish the general plan," Steele said.

Council members said the moratorium might be lifted in less than six months if the plan is completed by then.