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David Spafford, Spencer F. Kirk and Stephen C. Aldous, co-founders of Megahertz (now known as US Robotics Mobile Communications Corp. and selling Megahertz products), have been named entrepreneurs of the year by the MountainWest Venture Group.

They will be honored at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 8, in the Red Lion Hotel during a luncheon held in conjunction with the Utah Venture Capital Conference. Aldous will be the luncheon speaker.US Robotics supplies products and systems that provide access to information. The company designs and manufactures remote access servers, enterprise communications systems, desktop/mobile client products and modems that connect computers and other equipment.

Spafford founded Megahertz in the basement of his home in 1985 and became executive vice president of corporate planning and business development and led the effort to take the company public. He is now retired from the company.

Kirk has served as chief financial officer and became president in January 1988. Under his direction, Megahertz successfully targeted the portable computer market and became the largest worldwide producer of data/fax modems and a strong competitor in ethernet adapters.

Aldous has served as executive vice president, chief technology officer and director. He co-developed and patented the XJACK connector system, a technology that helped differentiate Megahertz PC cards from its competitors and led to the company's position as the PC card market leader.