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For the past week I have been hearing on the news and reading in the papers about the objections of the teachers and administrators of the West High School in Salt Lake City strenuously objecting to parents in the school district attempting to interfere in the running of the school. The very idea boggles my mind.

After all, those parents only provide, either directly through local taxes or indirectly through the income tax, the school buildings, the educational materials like books, audio-visual equipment, etc., the salaries of those same teachers and administrators, and, yes, even the students themselves. Why should they believe that providing all these things gives them any say at all in how the education process should take place or what should be taught?Don't they realize that the teachers and administrators have spent many years in institutions of higher "learning" to learn how to mold our children into compliant little bees in a community hive, dutifully submissive to the will of the majority, with no loyalty to God or country, ready to be citizens of the world, without a thought in their heads that doesn't come from the boob tube or from these politically correct teachers?

Why aren't the children being taught to read effectively? If you can't read, you must be told what to do and what to believe. Here lies the beginning of the autocratic state. I believe that it is long past time for the parents of this country to once again take control of the education of their children before it is too late. It is the parents who, in the final analysis, are responsible for the education of their offspring.

We do not have public schools, we have government schools. We don't need separation of church and state. We desperately need separation between schools and the state.

Albert V. Burns

Spanish Fork