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It was reassuring to read in a news report by Lee Davidson (Jan. 20) that Rep. Enid Greene Waldholtz, despite the tragic events in her life, has a 92 percent voting record for 1995.

Davidson wrote that she missed some of the budget votes. With or without her vote, the budget impasse was bound to happen. Ellen Goodman, a liberal reporter, months ago wrote that this big train, the Contract With America, racing down the track at a high speed was going to hit a brick wall in the form of Bill Clinton - that he would stop it in its tracks. Temporarily he has. It has even closed down some of government twice and threatens to do so a third time. Congressional conciliatory efforts are in vain: He won't budge. Clinton, with the help of the media, is blaming it on Congress. Congressional staffs suffer as well.We have a majority of representatives who are committed to the Contract With America. And we have a president, educated in Britain and deeply committed to socialism, who was elected by a minority of the voters. It seems impossible for him to grasp the fact that a majority of the American people really did want Congress to keep the contract. The people it will benefit the most are the Americans, all of us.

Congress wants to limit Medicare to a 7 percent increase rather than the present 11 percent to 12 percent increase per year. Congress' proposed laws aim to cut increases.

I think Medicaid is for the poor. Medicare is for all citizens and non-citizens over 65 years of age (even if they are billionaires). This isn't helping the poor. Medicare this year cost the average two-income family $2,073.35.

Would the majority of Rep. Orton's constituents have liked him to vote against a budget bill that would lead to tax cuts for working families and included a $500 per-child tax credit?

I listened to most of Enid's marathon news conference. And I, too, thought that subsequent media reports were slanted against her. Let's hope for objective reporting in the future and that Enid finishes her term in office. She has served well.

Hazel Stettler

North Logan